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An Amazing and Smart technology that will position you ahead of other marketers, build credibility and show you as an AUTHORITY.
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A) Automated Viral Traffic From Instagram, Twitter, FB
Enterprise edition is all about getting targeted traffic for your offers and converting it to sales.

VidFly is fantastic at setting up stunning sites with 1 single click. But even with the most gorgeous sites in any niche – without traffic you’re effectively not making any money.

With the SEO feature that’s built into VidFly – I bet most of you want to get traffic fast and waste your time waiting for organic rankings.

That’s exactly what VidFly Enterprise brings you – in fact beta users have reported getting high-quality viral traffic and making their first sales within 24 hours of using it. Now that’s something you can’t afford to miss out on.

And I haven’t revealed the best part: It’s 100% automated: yes that’s RIGHT it’s all DONE FOR YOU!

Here’s how it works:

VidFly Enterprise automatically posts about your products & special offers on Instagram, FB and Twitter every day.

This way, all you need to do is add your video and publish it on VidFly. Then, the magic begins and your video gets viral on social media and you'll see high converting viral traffic – and without you having to do anything! 

B) Use the POWER of Stats to 10X Your PROFITS With Virtually NO Extra Efforts
So why you need this?
Imagine you are promoting something and getting only 4-5% click on your promo link BUT you don’t know why?

You just changed the time at you present the ad & now getting 10X engagement means 10 times clicks and 10 times commissions?
So 1 second tweak is making you 10 times more money. This is the POWER of Statistics.
Our complete stats will give you all the meaningful information you need to make KILLER and Proven converting campaigns to sell smartly.

So here’s what you can see for ANY VIDEO with Nice and beautiful graphs and charts:

Visitor Engagement rate & Time

Which part of video is engaging the most & which is not getting attention & why. Just present your ads when visitors get most attention and 10X your profits.

Views & plays Over time

Location of Visitors

Customize your campaign according to location to maximize profits.

Technology visitors are using?

Here you will get the data of which browser and operating system they are using.

Devices your Visitors have

Who is coming from mobile, tablet or desktop and what device.

These will give you Complete Insight for your visitors and campaigns, This feature alone is worth more than what your gonna invest on this entire ENTERPRISE Edition upgrade.

And this is just start of the story, Enterprise edition is a Premium version and have a lot more features in store for you. So let’s go to the next feature

C) Give the player Look and Feel of your Business or affiliate Offer for better Engagement
You literally can change anything in our player to give it a look and feel of your business. Checkout the screenshot for the options – tons of combinations possible.

You even can change the LOGO as with Enterprise edition, we are giving you the power to show your brand on it.

This will show you as an instant authority in your niche or market.

D) Sell your own or affiliate products right inside the Video on any website, blog or Forum!
With Enterprise version, you can upload your own MP4 videos to make it a VidFly. Simply use the embed code to play them on any website, blog or community forums.

Now you can sell both - your own and affiliate products smartly.

For your own videos, our software also generates a Video sitemap. Just put your website url where you want to share it and it will add it in sitemap to rank even your own pages also for better ranking and even more traffic.

E) Cover more language and Impress your Visitors

No matter in which Language the video is, just upload a transcript in our software and it will show subtitles under video to convey the message.

No need to create videos for different languages.

F) Never Released Before: Full Developers Rights. Show Brand Name or LOGO on Player and Present yourself as an AUTHORITY
With this upgrade, you'll also get our Unlimited Developers rights for everything you bought from us and what you gonna get with this Enterprise pack.
You can show your name or brand LOGO on videos as with Enterprise edition, we are giving you the power to place your logo.

As you are getting developers rights, you also can serve your clients to play their videos and charge them monthly or upto $197 player charges. Now you can serve UNLIMITED Clients – NO limitations
We've never offered these rights before, and this is your only chance to get them. This will build your instant credibility & show you as an authority mark in Video Marketing arena.

That's easily a $5000 value.

And that' not all... Enterprise Edition has a lot more features that are hard to explain here. You’ll also get

G) Advanced project & campaign management system

With this you can replace any video without even editing any settings. It saves you’re a lot of time.

You can move videos to other projects, you can download and much more...

Now I think we better do a quick recap of everything in this ENTERPRISE upgrade package,

Here's a Quick Recap:

You're getting:

  • Automated Viral Traffic From Instagram, Twitter, FB - That's Completely Priceless
  • FULL Developers Rights - That's easily a $5000 value. We never released developer's rights to it.
  • Compete stats - That's easily a $1000 value.
  • Customizable player – That’s a $1000 value.
  • Upload your Own MP4 videos & Video SEO ... That’s an easy $500 value.
  • Show your Subtitles in Videos. That’s a $200 value.
  • Advanced project management. That’s another $300 value.
If we add those up we see that the total value of this VidFly ENTERPRISE Edition is more than $10,000 value.*
This upgrade package should cost thousands of dollars. It's much more exclusive.

BUT, once again, we’ve decided to give you our absolute rock bottom price. We’re going to let you have this entire Enterprise Edition valued at over $8,000 for one time price of $97.

Grab it now at Exclusive One time offer price of
VidFly Enterprise Edition
This is really it. This is your only chance to grab the Enterprise edition at this price. Again it’s an one time offer so either grab it now or lose it.

Once again we’re including a 30 day money back guarantee, and I also want you to know that we're supporting this.

We're absolutely not going to disappear or leave you out to dry. There’s a helpdesk with dedicated support staff to make sure you're taken care of if you have any problems with the product.

Again the value of this upgrade package is over $8,000.

What we're asking for it is a mere pittance of a price for this amazing opportunity of delivering your visitors what they need.

So I encourage you to click the order button now, and we'll see you on the download page.

VidFly Enterprise Edition
Remember, you will NOT be able to come back and get this offer later. So grab it now to show yourself as an Authority video marketer and make 10X profits with virtually no extra efforts.

Thanks again, and we wish you all the best.

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